It is time for Cricket (the true World Game) to resume its place at the Olympics

It irritates me greatly when the Australian news media, as has been its unpatriotic and irritating habit of the past 15 years or so, to refer to Soccer (aka Association Football) as Football.

In Australia, particularly in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the NT, Football means Australian Rules, which I consider true football. In NSW and QLD, they probably would prefer, at the moment, to refer to one or other of the two Rugby codes dying in popularity as Football.

But definitely, referring to Soccer as Football is highly inappropriate. I do wish that Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes (both originally Victorians) would do something to stamp out this degenerate practice.

I would not go so far as to say that Australian Rules should be an Olympic sport, although I do not disagree with those people who do feel that this would be apt to be introduced by 2032 in Brisbane:

I simply think that it would be rather one sided if we were to have true football played at the Olympics. Other sporting nations would get annoyed with us and argue that other forms of Football, like Gridiron or Canadian Gridiron should also be introduced to the Olympics. [Perhaps that would be a good thing actually – a few more sports that the PRC have no chance of ever winning.]

But the case for Cricket to return to the Olympics is a strong one. Not only I do I dispute Soccer’s claim to the name Football, but I dispute its claim to be the World Game. Cricket is the true World Game. When you add up all the people in nations with Cricket Test status, the total comes to about two billion, across all continents except the Americas (and the West Indies is very close to there).

The Americans also should abandon that distorted version of Rounders that they play and return to the sport that they used to love 200 years ago, ie Cricket.

It is time for Cricket to return to the Olympics. Immediately.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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