Bruce Springsteen’s daughter wins silver at the Olympics

One of my late kinsmen was the village idiot of Sunshine North. He happily used to live some of the time on a vacant block there which resembled a garbage tip with abandoned cars and machinery he collected.

He also would have trouble with the RSPCA from time to time as he would harbour wild brumbies which roamed the area, and much as he loved horses and feral dogs, he did not really have the wherewithal to feed and water all these animals which tended to occupy his land.

Owning horses is an expensive proposition in reality. There is no longer any economic purpose for them, just a recreational one. Thus my impecunious late relative’s endeavours at possessing equine livestock on a shoe string budget were doomed to failure.

This morning I learned that Bruce Springsteen’s daughter competed for Team USA in an Equestrian team event at the Olympics and won a silver medal overnight.

Equestrian sports are very elitist, in that you need to possess and be willing to spend a lot of coin on ponies and the like to get good at horse riding.

In this, as a friend has observed, the Springsteens have departed from their working class roots. If they were to remain true to their origins, instead of riding horses like posh people, Springsteen’s daughter should be NASCAR racing.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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