All Roads Lead To The Avondale Heights Cannoli Bar

Because it is in a more remote pocket of Avondale Heights, about 500 metres on the other side of Military Road, where the streets are all named after places in France, I rarely get along to the Cannoli Bar in Riviera Road. It opened about 2 years ago, in a former milk bar and is always very busy.

This morning, having a craving for some quality cannoli, I made the trek there, aided by the 406 bus taking me north a few stops.

As I was arriving, my neighbour and her boyfriend were leaving. I took the opportunity to check with her as to when the fencing contractor is coming to replace our shared fence. Next week. Fantastic!

Even though it is in a rather obscure location, and I previously only knew Riviera Road as the access street when visiting my godparents, it does seem that everyone comes there from all over the inner north western suburbs.

And although the cannoli are very lavish and different from what you see elsewhere (they are very unique), they are doing a roaring trade. Everyone knows about them, and goes there.

It has a very 1960s Italian vibe to it as well, with old Italian vinyls either playing or on display, and the furnishings looking very 1960s. I especially applaud the two empty demijohns placed out the front of the shop front.

This all goes to remind me that Avondale Heights remains one of the most Italian suburbs of Melbourne, which might be why I, despite my major Anglomorphism, feel so much at home here.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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