Remembering Sisto

Memorial table outside Pellegrinis

On my lunchtime walk today, I strolled down Bourke Street and saw this memorial table dedicated to Sisto, the late owner of Pellegrinis, the cafe which is a Melbourne institution.

He was brutally murdered 18 months ago in the city by some deranged wannabe terrorist.

As a sliding door moment, I was in Pellegrinis with one of my friends chatting with Sisto about half an hour before his life was so unfairly stolen. He was a very nice fellow.

Even though Melbourne is a city of five million, everyone still knows everyone else within a couple of degrees of separation, and it seems everyone knew Sisto.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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  1. It was a very sad day when we learnt of Sisto’s death and in particular the circumstances that it had occurred.

    Early in my work career, I would visit Pellegrini’s each pay Thursday to have lasagne and fruit cup. Where I sat in Pellegrini’s was seasonal, at the bar in the warmer months and in the kitchen in the cooler months.

    Occasionally, a work lunch would be held in the sister restaurant at the back which went a long time ago (replaced with Becco I think).

    Sadly, when I moved work location to St Kilda Road and then to the western end of the CBD, getting to Pellegrini’s become infrequent. A pity because it had in my mind, the best lasagne in Melbourne.

    I am hoping that once we are able to have sit in meals again, that I am able to share my experience there with others in person sadly, without the panto of Sisto making coffees.


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