Melton or Meltdown?

My best friend lives in Melton, a pragmatic but affordable home ownership choice after his marriage breakdown divested him of his previous home.

He does not live there for the lifestyle choice, with the local greyhound racing stadium near the freeway and the live wrestling hosted at the Shire Hall.

But home ownership is an important and intrinsic necessity for most people of our generation in this country (ie Gen X) and being able to afford a home, even in Melton, is better than renting a studio apartment in North Fitzroy (how are all those closed cafes, restaurants and bars working out for you now, smartarse hipster millennials?!).

The other day, he was sending me a What’s App message about living in such a lovely village laden with bogans (I have every right to joke about it, being a Footscray boy first and postgrad dropout second and having kinfolk who have made the title of Village Idiot in North Sunshine hereditary), and when I replied, the auto-correct on my phone changed Melton into Meltdown.

That might work better. We should petition the Melton Shire Council to change the name.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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