Wikipedia’s Fake News about the Pandemic?

I have two sources I read regularly about the pandemic. One is the website and the other is the wikipedia page on the corona virus pandemic.

I have noticed an interesting discrepancy.

As of a minute or so ago, the News site says that there are 189,633 cases in the USA, and 4,864 cases in Australia, and 82,301 cases in Communist China.

On the Wikipedia page, it says that there are 189,445 cases in the USA, 4,862 in Australia, and 81,554 cases in Communist China.

What I have noticed is that, for several days, the number of cases on the Wikipedia page for China has hardly moved. The difference between and Wikipedia for the USA is 0.099%, for Australia it is 0.04%. For China, the difference is 0.92% – that is the Wikipedia figures for Communist China are 9 times more inaccurate (or out of date) compared to those for the USA, and about 23 times more inaccurate than those for Australia.

This causes me to doubt the reliability of what Wikipedia is reporting in terms of the corona virus figures for China, and ask myself as to who is updating those figures and what their agenda is? If we were to talk about fake news, here is an example.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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