April Fools’ Day has been cancelled

It occurred to me around 4pm, when I was writing my duty manager’s report for the day (I am mostly working from home, but being in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays to cover any spot fires which might come up), that it was April 1st, and that I had not seen any April fools jokes in the media.

I suppose that what is happening at the moment is far too serious for that sort of jocularity. Too many people either dying or at risk of dying. Or at the very best, too many people losing their livelihoods.

But aside from the constant news feed on corona virus, there seems to be one thing in the local news feed, and that is the appalling train wreck reality TV which is Married at First Sight.

MAFS as it is commonly known, is the sort of trash TV which does not exactly feature people sincere about being paired up with a stranger who may turn out to be their soulmate. It is about recruiting some very narcissistic, promiscuous and highly telegenic people of either sex who are probably single for the simple reason that they have short attention spans about anything which does not involve their own self-absorption or prospects for a career of idleness as a social media influencer. (I do hope that I don’t sound too sanctimonious when I say that.)

I do not watch much TV, and I have never watched MAFS. But I do find it amusing to read the summaries each day, with the latest ‘cheating scandal’ to shock and amuse.

Perhaps, in lieu of April fools’ Day jokes this year, we have Married At First Sight.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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  1. There was an April fools joke on 1 April 2020 – Virgin Australia seeking a financial bailout from the government. A quick look at Wikipedia suggests that the company is fully foreign owned and you guessed it the source of all our problems at the moment have a financial stake in it.

    We have been keen watchers of MAFS although this season has been a struggled for a number of reasons. When I was working I just wanted to come home and watch something brainless after spending all day thinking. So this along with Real House wives of Melbourne were the perfect candidates.

    All your observations about MAFS is correct. It is a pity that natural beauty has now been surpassed with lips that look like car inner tubes and that the women are actually more aggressive than the men.

    Sadly, only one more show to go this Sunday with the reunion episode. Check it out.


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