The Flavour No Longer Hits You: Whatever became of Samboy Salt and Vinegar Chips?

A few weeks ago I was lamenting, mostly out of nostalgia rather than any real attachment, the apparent demise of various once ubiquitous wine brands now owned by Treasury Wine Estate.

Oddly enough, the astute will notice that I did not mention Kaiser Stuhl in my list – they have been gone for a while, and I think they stopped making wines by the bottle in the 1980s, so why would I lament the absence of their cardboard casks?

Today I had reason to lament something else I remember fondly. I was in the potato chips part of the supermarket aisle just after lunch, in search of a salty snack to reenergise me for the afternoon, and I saw Samboy chips – but solely in the bizarrely named Atomic Tomato flavour.

In my childhood, my favourite brand of potato chip was Samboy Salt and Vinegar. The taste really was sharper and more superior to that of other chip brands and I fondly consumed it for many years. I remember when I was on Google+ in a burger discussion community several years ago (Google+ was closed down around this time 4 years ago, if we are to talk about defunct brands I like), one of the other Australians did mention (to my approval) his fondness for Samboy Salt and Vinegar.

For whatever reasons, the brand, much loved of many Australians, has been run down in recent years by its parent company and its previous Filipino and current German owners, who obviously do not share the attachment to Samboy that so many of us locals do.

Hence I put this out into the ether as one more wish for the resurrection of Samboy in all its most glorious classic chip flavours.

But especially Salt and Vinegar.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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