The Ginge and Cringe Show….

I must say, sadly (given that I am a committed constitutional monarchist), that I am wholeheartedly sick of the entertainers commonly known as Ginge and Cringe (aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex).

Netflix is wasting millions on indulging their egos with their ‘content production’ whilst excellent shows like Warrior Nun (what is not to love about that concept?!?) get cancelled.

The latest coverage of our dynamic duo surrounds the announcement that their children are actually now to be known by their ‘birthright’ titles of Prince and Princess. This is after Duchess Cringe has spent the past few years publicly bagging out the Royal family and manipulating Duke Ginge to do the same, for fun and profit.

The only surprise in the whole issue as to whether the children were to take those titles related to the decision making of the cringeworthy parents. Anne, the Princess Royal, was entitled to have her children Peter and Zara take on the titles of prince and princess, as was Edward, the newly elevated Duke of Edinburgh. The 1917 Letters Patent signed off by George V, and which have not been modified or replaced since, make it clear that the grandchildren of the Monarch are princes (I use the masculine version here as the gender neutral plural).

Ginge, aka Prince Harry, could have chosen to emulate his aunt and uncle and take a more plebeian position on the upbringing of his children, sans titles. This would indeed have been more principled (no pun intended), after his many interviews and the publication of his memoir Ginge, where he reveals family secrets and continues to perpetuate the false narrative which his wife Cringe has been pursuing. But I think that there is a sense of self-entitlement devoid of a sense of duty not yet seen, even with buffoons like the Duke of York.

Now onto Duchess Cringe, she who has been anxious her entire life to escape the gravitational pull of the trailer park entombing most of her extended family. What can we say about someone who constantly makes statements which are regularly contradicted (even by her loyal thrall Ginge), internally inconsistent, and run contrary to known facts? Naturally, she is a narcissist, but I think that this is almost a mandatory requirement for even moderate success in show biz. I fear that she has other more serious personality defects, such as what psychiatrists call ‘borderline personality disorder’, and is probably a sociopath to boot.

The reports of how she treats staff, (former) friends who have served their purpose, and her disgruntled and grasping extended family tend to support such a diagnosis. Her whole narrative is one of a woman who is keen to succeed despite the odds and despite the embarrassment she feels at the people close to her, whom she considers to be a liability to her.

Take her former starter husband, Trever Engelson, for example. He is a TV producer, and seems to have moved on, keeping a more dignified silence than the extended Markle clan (who seem to me to both share the same attention seeking traits as our beloved Meghan, and to understand her true nature). However, Trevor’s original impulse, as mentioned in his Wikipedia bio, was to start developing a sitcom for the Fox Network about a man whose wife leaves him for a prince, and the hilarity which ensues from the necessity of remaining in each other’s lives.

This was a worthy idea, and I want to encourage Trevor to retool his show and pitch it once more to the networks. It could be called Ginge and Cringe, and focus on a newlywed royal couple moving to Montecito and all the new social climbing celebrity friends they make, and their rather clumsy attempts to make money and preach of their worthiness to the world in general.

It could go for a season of ten episodes at least.

Netflix – please do this – it will atone for cancelling Warrior Nun and continuing to broadcast that appalling Royal family biopic.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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