Crowd-funding as a way to invest in Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries

Ok… the five weeks that Broo Ltd has been in suspension from trading on the ASX has not really taught me much of a lesson about investing in small craft breweries and the like, and I am still keen to try it if the right opportunity comes up.

A friend of mine knows the owners of Bakery Hill, a distillery making high quality whisky in suburban Melbourne (despite the name being a famous location in Ballarat). He told me last week that they are looking for investors.

I followed the link he sent me to a site which serves as a platform for all sorts of businesses to seek investors via crowd funding so as to grow their business.

Not only was Bakery Hill there, but also Bridge Road Brewery Heathcote, current open for expressions of interest in investing.

And this crowd funding platform allows people to potentially invest far less money than what you might put into a IPO for an ASX listing (I did dodge a bullet big time on the Broo IPO 6 years ago after all!).

So it does look not only like a fascinating way to see what companies are out there seeking investors, but a fun way to invest. I do not mind losing a few hundred dollars if something goes pear shaped, and if I already know of a brand, it is probably because I have seen it in a licensed premise and possibly drank it before.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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