First World Problem…

It’s a first world problem when, for the first time in over two years, you need to wear a suit to a dinner at a posh club in the city and you look in your wardrobe and realise that all your suit jackets really need to visit the dry cleaners and then you discover that there is no longer a dry cleaning service operating within 5km of your home.

Sometimes you just have to laugh about it and be grateful you do not live in a country which has Russia as a neighbour.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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    1. You got that right. Whilst we are used to American adventurism, the last time a seriously nasty nation with superpower status got actively aggressive was when the soviets went into Afghanistan in 1979. And I remember communist China had an altercation with Vietnam then as well.


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