Pot and Kettle and related Hypocrisies

We obviously have some reds under the beds at the moment.

Our Prime Minister has described the deputy opposition leader as a Manchurian candidate.

I assume that he expects that most people actually have seen that 1950s movie – personally I have not.

Let me put on record that (surprise surprise) I dislike Richard Marles. He is a posh git who went to Geelong Grammar or some similar school which makes him a stereotype for the odious bankers in the Alex Cartoon rather than somewhere relevant to the people who actually live in Labor held seats.

So… I believe that when he recites cliches about labor related rhetoric about the workers, he has trouble keeping a straight face. That does convince me that he is not going to be able to believe or recite any Maoist twaddle.

I try to be honest and earnest (sic) in this blog. Intellectual honesty is important to me, especially as I get older and I see how despicable and dishonest are people supposedly voting the same way that I do.

When we talk about Manchurian candidates, how about we look at some retired Liberal Ministers first:

Alexander Downer – a director of Huawai – a company which is now regarded as not suitable to be involved in Australian telecommunications due to national security issues.

Andrew Robb – who as a minister made the decision to sell the Port of Darwin to the communist Chinese company Landbridge and who then took up a $880,000 with Landbridge immediately after retiring from Parliament.

Santo Santoro – who as a lobbyist after he had retired as a minister successfully lobbied for the family of a billionaire regarded as a risk to national security to be granted citizenship.

These over-superannuated has-been politicians sicken me. I think that they sicken most Australians. If the current Prime Minister wants to start playing games about reds under the beds, he first needs to explain why these ex-ministers should not face charges for treason and the like.

I think that most of us will welcome the opportunity to see these overprivileged avaricious rent-seekers face justice.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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