Cleveland Browns Merchandise

I feel great affinity with Browns Fans

I can be quite the contrarian sometimes, particularly in relation to sports.

I have written a few times over the past couple of years about my decision to become a Cleveland Browns fan, specifically based on their lack of success, which reminds me of my beloved Footscray (aka Western Bulldogs), who, prior to the current golden era starting in 2016 under Luke Beveridge, had suffered from a particular lack of success.

Whilst they made the ‘play-offs’ last season (it takes a while for me to learn American jargon), this season they are sitting at 5-5, so I am not too optimistic about the Browns’ chances of doing better this year.

Obtaining fan gear to show my support for the Browns has been challenging as lack of local availability meant that I had to order a t-shirt online.

This has now changed. I discovered this past week that NFL merchandise can be bought from a shop at Highpoint, including caps, jerseys, and hoodies. And so I happily bought myself a Browns hoodie – brown with an orange helmet on it – on Thursday.

Until it gets too warm in the coming weeks, this will be my coat of choice.

Go Browns!

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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