Real Freedom News Silenced?

You could say that the Liberal-Conservative (ie non-collectivist / anti socialist) Right in Australia is a very broad church, one which has a lot in common with any cathedral in Naples. That is, it is big, rundown, lacking in the money to maintain it, has a very leaky roof, and lacks enthusiasm from its parishioners.

This has been apparent from the writings in the Real Freedom News blog, which I have been reading since May, and which provides some insiders views on matters occurring within the Victorian Liberal Party, along with some ad hominem attacks on persons active in said party whom the RFN disagrees with.

Real Freedom News has been, to some degree, a Scarlet Pimpernel tormenting machine politicians since early this year. I have been reading it avidly and with great amusement (some might say schadenfreude) since I stumbled across it during some google searches seeking insights into certain matters.

So imagine my disappointment this morning when I clicked on my bookmark to it and found that the account has been suspended. I hope that this is a temporary development, and that whilst I do not agree with everything they say, that Real Freedom News returns and continues to inform us on all the news that is not otherwise available on internal Liberal machine politics.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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