Why the Olympics in Brisbane is a Good Thing

I consider Australian Rules Football to be true football, and aside from my enjoyment of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, I do not have any interest in soccer (aka Association Football).

Nor do I have any real interest in the Olympics. If I did, I would be posting on this blog this week headings like ‘Shameful Bronze’ each time the Australian Team does not live up to its taxpayer funded hype.

I do think that the Brisbane Olympics is good news, and there is one major reason for that.

The Brisbane Cricket Ground, commonly known as the Gabba, is to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch, with a 50,000 seat capacity as compared to the 40,000 seats it currently holds, as a result of the 2032 Olympics.

I have been to the Gabba once, and it is a fantastic place to watch football. Nor is it an old stadium. It was built in six stages between 1993 and 2005.

But it is small, and whilst the people of Brisbane are not as interested in sport as the people of Melbourne (or Perth or Adelaide), Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, and therefore the people of Brisbane deserve to have a stadium with a much larger capacity than the Gabba currently holds.

What I say now is that 50,000 is not big enough. Perth Stadium holds 60,000. The Gabba needs to be rebuilt to a 65,000-70,000 capacity that can serve football (and cricket) crowds in Queensland well into the 2060s.

Heed my words now, Queenslanders, or you will regret it.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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