Geez Louise!

Readers of this blog (and there are 3 or 4 I suppose, even though I appear to have lost all the readers from the PRC since the start of January, causing me to suspect my blog has been blocked in Communist China) would know that I am not a great admirer of the technocratic dictator of this state, Daniel Andrews.

However even I draw a line somewhere.

Rumours about the cause of his back injury several months ago abound. Even my mother has heard some of those rumours.

The more PG-rated ones involve an all night drinking session (an admirable pursuit, although I would say that I would probably stop at midnight myself) at the holiday home of a certain very rich bloke, followed by an accidental stumble down the stairs. There are others which involve provoking a sound thrashing to within an inch of his life – the sort of thing which might best be explained by a fall down the stairs rather than more awkward questions and answers.

Much as some members of the public might feel that Premier Andrews richly deserves a sound thrashing (I actually don’t – horsewhipping a cad is a tradition amongst the gentry, not the peasantry from whom I hail, plus I believe in due process, and he has not in his public duties done anything except abuse governmental powers to the full letter of the law), pandering to such rumours is the sort of thing which might rightly be compared to accepting the conspiracy theories of QAnon etcetera ad nauseam.

Which brings us to Louise Staley, the Victorian Opposition Treasury Spokeswoman. She has this week asked several questions, laden with innuendo, about the circumstances of Premier Andrews sad accident.

Even Dan’s sidekick, Jimmy the Echo, has been able to ridicule her:

So, what do I say? Right up until this week, I considered Louise Staley, one of the most competent and definitely the most hard working member of the state opposition, as probably the only member of the state opposition who is a viable replacement for the sullen non-entity (Michael O’Who?) currently serving as opposition leader.

But now? By pandering to the kind of rumours which people talk about in pubs (when pubs are actually open) or in the sort of work places frequented by credulous bogans (and Louise is not a bogan), Louise Staley has in one fell swoop destroyed all the political credibility she has built up with lots of hard work in the six and a half years of her long sought parliamentary career.

Geez Louise. I thought and expected far better of you. I believed you had more substance. But you had to go and outdo Tim Smith in the sort of clumsy wannabe populist political tomfoolery which the state opposition has turned into its trademark under Michael O’Brien’s leadership.

Now there is no remaining alternative but for Michael O’Brien (the bland and invisible man with a face only a mask could love) to saddle up on his battle-llama and lead the Victorian Liberals to oblivion at the November 2022 state election.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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