Where’s my lollipop?

I was not at Highpoint last Thursday night, but I pretty much could have been. The risk of catching Covid would have been low but having to isolate would have been very disruptive.

That spurred me on to get my first dose of Astra Zeneca yesterday. I was a walk in at the vaccination centre at the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building.

The 50 minute wait was not too bad, given I had my smart phone to amuse me. And the needle did not sting too much.

And despite all the hype about side effects, all that has happened is that my arm is sore, which is normal for many vaccines.

I did joke about the microchip in the vaccine causing me to have an urge to walk like a robot and that I was hearing instructions from Bill Gates. But really, it’s important to get vaccinated and I should not joke about it.

Of course, I was so happy and relieved to get the dose so easily that I forgot to ask for a lollipop.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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