The Rapist Who Is Now A Cabinet Minister

Yesterday, I surmised in my posting that the alleged rapist who is now a Cabinet Minister was from NSW, given that the rape did occur in NSW in 1988. I conceded that it was a long shot that it might be someone visiting NSW.

Information has now come to my attention that the long shot might now be quite so much a long shot after all, and that one non-NSW current Cabinet Minister was in Sydney for a debating contest in early 1988 – the sort of event beloved of a certain type of competitive private school kids.

Whilst the name of the latest lead suspect has not directly made it onto any of the various discussion threads online which I have been looking at, I do notice that some bloggers are indirectly suggesting whom it might be by calling out the unusual silence of this person on the matter. Quite a few cabinet ministers, including the one I originally suspected, have come out with their own opinions in the past few days about how the matter should be handled.

Such allegations are serious, and there is nothing to laugh or gloat about. A woman has taken her own life, presumably because of a violent event that has scarred her adult life. Virtue signalling or political gain is inappropriate (and I doubt that any political party wants its own laundry looked at too closely). The matter cannot be tested properly in a court of law, only that of public opinion. Yet despite all else, I believe the worst of the minister in question.

Someone who behaves like this, and is able to then go on to have a highly successful public career, is a dangerous sociopath. Sociopathy will manifest itself in other forms of behaviour, to other victims, and the power that ministers have is far greater than that of a sharklike teenager. He needs to be stopped.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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