Should we boycott Mulan?

I must admit that I was looking forward to seeing the live action remake of Mulan in the cinemas earlier this year, until the pandemic resulted in the closure of cinemas. Mulan, the latest Bond film, Black Widow, and Bill & Ted 3 are all films I have been keenly awaiting.

Mulan has a great trailer, promising an action packed and inspiring story, with great visuals – perfect for seeing in a cinema. And it is, whilst set in China, in English, which makes it easier for me than having to concentrate on subtitles, like I did for Crouching Tiger and Hero (incidentally, Hero is an amazing story told extremely well – do yourself a favour and watch it).

However, Liu Yifei, the star of Mulan, has made various comments in support of the Hong Kong police during the civil unrest last year. Now, with the communists on the mainland causing more withdrawal of legal protections from the people of Hong Kong, the subject is becoming a hot one, particularly as concerned people all over the world are starting to see the secretive communist regime as a threat to world peace and freedom. not just to the people of Hong Kong.

The release of Mulan on Disney+ for a premium fee of $34.99 in Australia does now mean that it is available to watch in the comfort of your own home. However, does a couple of hours of enjoyment of such a film warrant overlooking the stated views of the star, which are very un-Mulan-like in their apologetics for a repressive regime?

Sadly, I will not be watching it. I am too worried about the state of the world and the potential extension by stealth or aggression of tyranny. If not watching it is one small step towards causing business and political leaders in the western world to wake up about the menace the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China presents to the world, then it is well worth it.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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