Ready Player One Million: The Ultimate First World Problem?

When I was browsing Wikipedia just before, I saw a featured article on the title page which was just too bizarre for me to pass up:

Yes, if you have clicked on that link and read it, this is an account of a virtual battle in cyberspace, not about alleged Communist Chinese hackers trying to bring down our economy, but where over 3000 players of some online multi-player space warfare game accidentally joined together in battle.

I enjoy watching the Apple TV sitcom Mythic Quest as much as another, but the idea of spending many hours playing some sort of online video game is very unappealing. Life itself has a lot of its own challenges to face, hopefully more profitably than hours spent escaping from it into some space opera fantasy.

In many ways, this sort of video game battle is the ultimate first world problem, especially compared to the real naval battles which were fought in the First and Second World Wars, where real Dreadnoughts and Carriers and other capital ships fought savagely to the death, and where drowning, burning, or being eaten to death by sharks awaited hapless sailors.

With only an ounce of smug arrogance, I will say to those people spending so much time on such games: Get a life!

As a footnote – where do I buy shares in the video game company which is able to hook so many customers?

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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