Wikipedia’s Fake News – part 2

According to the coronavirus tally open on my smart phone right now, there are 5,599 coronavirus cases in Australia, 311,544 in the USA, 126,168 in Spain, 124,632 in Italy, 96,092 in Germany, 90,848 in France, and 82,558 in China.

A few days ago, the number in China, according to that website, was 82301, and Wikipedia was reporting 81,554. Wikipedia is now reporting 81,669 cases in China.

On the other hand, Wikipedia’s numbers for the USA are 311,357, 126,168 for Spain, 124,632 for Italy, 96,108 for Germany, 89,953 for France, and of course, Australia is at 5,625.

Why are the figures for China lagging several days behind in accuracy compared to what is recorded for other countries in Wikipedia? I know that Wikipedia is not exactly a great source of truth, although it is a valuable resource, but in this case, I see more sinister agendas behind the obviously false number which is recorded for China, similar to the sinister agendas which have caused the world to believe that China has deliberately understated the number of cases by a factor of as much as forty.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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