Amway – Hilarious Blog to visit!

Amway strikes me as a really efficient way to lose your friends and alienate your family. My only direct experiences of multilevel marketing are two separate instances where acquaintances and friends of mine got entangled into Amway and its Australian offshoot Omega Trends and tried to get me involved (out of politeness I heard them out and did not tell them where to jump immediately, although I did not sign up). I suppose my apathy about things I am not comfortable doing (rather than my skepticism) serves as my primary line of defence against getting involved in such schemes.

For some reason, whilst idly browsing the net the other day, I came across this link from the angry wife of a former Amway devotee. Do read it as it is Laugh Out Loud hilarious:

I suppose I could say more about my encounter with a would be Amway dealer (and acquaintance from Uni) and his mentor from 27 years ago, except that the above mentioned blog probably covers such experiences in much greater detail than I could be bothered writing.

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Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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