Remembering the satellites…

I just looked outside in the glooming dusk and saw a bright star moving fast, and silently.

I assume it was the international space station in low earth orbit. It moved too fast to be a star, and too high and quiet to be a plane.

We don’t get excited about satellites anymore. We take them for granted – assuming we actually look at the night sky at all.

But I remember as a small child in the early 70s, sitting outside our home in the backyard with my parents, when my father would point at a fast moving star with almost child like delight and say that was a satellite.

We used to look for those things, and we used to marvel at them. Now… we live in a time when even the many miracles of science bore us.

Nothing is enchanted anymore, and they might be why so many among us love the savage desensitised violence and amorality of Game of Thrones. Peaceful life bores us, even when it is amazing.

Footnote – my parents lived through the Second World War as witnesses to the fighting in their villages. Something like a satellite would have seemed a happy miracle to them in comparison to that.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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