Wallaby Australian Pub

Magenta is a town on the railway line just outside Milan. It is also the location of the Wallaby Australian Pub.

I visited yesterday and had a beer and a chat with the owner, an Italian chap who has owned it since 2007 (it’s been there since 1994) and has fond memories of drinking Guinness at the Hero of Waterloo whilst in Sydney on a holiday many years ago.

The beer was a Coopers Red label, and he mentioned that some of the locals dislike the yeast precipitate in the bottle. I suggested he adopt the Australian practice of rolling the stubby, as is traditional with Coopers. He said it was impossible to get Fosters anymore and I said I did not mind because Coopers was now the only major Australian brewery not owned by Asahi or Kirin.

As you can see, there were outlines of kangaroos or wallabies around the place, and he had made a sincere attempt to get other paraphernalia like a slouch hat, a didgeridoo and a big picture of the Olgas.

Kangaroo burger is also on the menu.

Compared to what I saw in Rome, this is a far more committed attempt at an Australian Bar. And it has a nice pub atmosphere too.

But as Milan is so like Melbourne, could I expect less here? Milan is an excellent choice as s sister city.

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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