If the Ancient Romans could drive on the left, why don’t the Italians?

There is abundant archeological and recorded evidence that the ancient Romans used to drive and walk on the left side of the road. It comes from keeping your shield on your left and your sword arm quick to draw, in case of ambush.

Driving on the left is what made the Romans great, and probably caused the British to do likewise. All this right hand drive comes from the French Revolution and the Americans adopted it in thanks for assistance in the war of independence. Crazy stuff with no sense to it except revolutionary nonsense.

More practically for me, it is doing my head in. Forty five years ago Hector the Cat taught me how to cross the road safely, and it all hard wired me to expect cars to keep to the left. It’s not safe for pedestrians like me in Italy, and I get the general impression the road toll here is ten times as high as back home.

And perhaps an urban myth, but I heard tell that the bloke who used to wear the Hector the Cat costume got killed crossing the road….

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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