So, Google Plus was good whilst it lasted….

I am not exactly an early adopter of technology. About six years ago, a colleague suggested, after I finally got an iPhone, that I should join Google +. Prior to that, I had not been on social media – Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat remain undiscovered countries for me.

Henceforth, for five and a half years, I was on Google +, where I posted such matters of superficial interest as my love of hamburgers and fine red wine, and more seriously, my first ever journey to Italy, which was followed several weeks later by my football team, the Western Bulldogs, triumphantly marching to a miracle AFL premiership (our first since 1954).

Sadly, Google + closed down four months ago, and all my posts from that period are gone. A lot of my fellow ‘plussers’ (as Google+ enthusiasts call themselves) decided to move too MeWe. As did I.

Then… two weeks ago, I upgraded my iPhone, and somehow most of what little I had added to my MeWe page, including communities joined and contacts, mysteriously disappeared.

That, my friends, is a first world problem.

Anywho, the friend who had put me onto Google+ asked me whether I was on any social media of any sort, so as to view photos from my upcoming second trip to Italy. As MeWe does not seem to be worth it, I thought I might try WordPress, so here I am….

Published by Ernest Zanatta

Narrow minded Italian Catholic Conservative Peasant from Footscray.

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